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Tours English Phone: (506)-2269-4849 & 2269-9683

Tours Spanish Phone:(506) 2269-9683
Tours Hours:

Monday – Saturday

7am-4 pm

Sunday Tours are by appointment only

General Entrance 3,000 per person

A Guided Tour is $40 or 22,000 for a group up to 10 people

The tour is 2.5 hours

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Monday – Saturday: 7am – 4pm
Sunday: 9am – 3pm


Phone: +506-2269-9683


Hours: Monday – Saturday 7 am4 pm

Sunday 9 am-3 pm

We offer a consulting Service for the Use and Management of Medicinal Plants for 5,000 an hour. Bring your list of questions and be prepared to learn all about the medicinal uses of the herbs from our qualified botanists.

Prices in colones

Guided Tours

General entrance is 3,000 colones per person. For a Guided Tour the cost is $40 or 22,000 for the Guide for a group up to 10 people. The  Guided Tour lasts 2 1/2 hours.

Unguided Tours

General Entrance is 3,000 per person. You are welcome to walk through the gardens and visit the nursery.